La Ereta park

Located at the foot of Mount Benacantil, dominating the old town, the port and the sea, it offers you some of the most spectacular views of Alicante.

Parque de la Ereta
Take in some of the most spectacular views of Alicante.

Only surpassed by the views that, a few meters above, are dominated from the Castle of Santa Bárbara. It is a modern park whose construction has taken into account environmental aspects and the symbiosis of what is built with the environment, it has native vegetation and pleasant organic urban furniture. We recommend that you sit and enjoy the sound of the fountains while you contemplate the magnificent views that this park gives you.

La Ereta looks towards the genuine Barrio de Santa Cruz. From the park, which occupies almost seven hectares, you can contemplate the Cathedral of San Nicolás, the Port, almost touch the ‘Cara del Moro’, the famous icon of Alicante, and admire the Mediterranean Sea in all its splendor. Being next to the Old Town it has the great attraction of allowing you to walk through the castle wall, which has been restored, in an impressive walk in which we have Alicante and the Mediterranean at our feet.

Recently built is La Casa de Santa Claus, the home that the beloved Christmas character has in Alicante. In the months around Christmas the house is opened for the children to convey their wishes to Santa Claus himself, who welcomes them and sits on his knees to see if they have been good. And at the same time, children can cast their cards in the wishing well.

In 1994 work began to build a public park on this rugged terrain that would allow you to enjoy the privileged views and also serve as a leisure and culture center. Due to the orography, the park is segmented into terraces, conforming to the terrain and decorated with native flora.

La Ereta Park has a large central square, paths that wind up the hillside, shady areas, fountains, a cafeteria, a performance area that, as an anecdote, has underground dressing rooms, a panoramic restaurant, and an exhibition hall.

Due to the peculiar morphology of La Ereta, its construction was a challenge that managed to become an interesting architectural work. The lower part of the park is in direct contact with the Old Town and therefore the character of the places and the vegetation is more urban. Continuing to the Castle, the visitor passes through different spaces such as the slope of the olive trees, the Plaza de la Ereta and the pines, and then the local holm oak vegetation and the scattered grasses in the highest part.

In the park, retaining walls and ditches have been built for the waters that descend the mountain, with drains capable of absorbing the torrential rains for such a steep place.

The main elements of La Ereta are closely linked to important uses, in this way, the boundary is a path that borders the lower part and ensures the collection of rainwater; the terraces on the hillside of the olive trees stabilize the soil, limit erosion, and act like a huge sponge when it rains heavily. Simultaneously, the land becomes a retaining wall and finally, the buildings form a body with Mount Benacantil and its new structure.


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