Los Luceros square

Reference of the city, all those who pass by stop to observe it, in the center of this square is the fountain of the stars.


Reference of the city, all those who pass stop to observe it, in the center of this square is the fountain of the stars.

The architect of the emblematic fountain is Daniel Bañuls, a renowned sculptor from Alicante.

This artistic monument is inspired by nature, and to get to know it a little better we are going to reel off each of its parts:

• In the lower part of the fountain we can see four horses that symbolize the connection of the earth with the celestial world. These four horses represent the four brute forces of nature and the four seasons, in addition, the horse is a symbol of abundance. At the feet of the horses we can see the figure of an elf, elves were considered possessors of great treasures.

• In the central part of the fountain that is in the Plaza de los Luceros we see four female figures, on the heads of each of them we find an eight-pointed red star, these stars reflect their relationship with the stars. A star is a star that walks, that moves in the sky with a cyclical movement. The figure facing south represents the planet Venus, the figure whose orientation faces west represents Jupiter, the image to the east is Minerva, daughter of Jupiter, she is the protector of commerce and industry, she was the guardian of cities. Lastly, the north-facing image of the fountain represents Saturn.

• At the top of the monument we have a representation of the Hespérides tree that rises towards the sky. The hesperides are daughters of the night like the stars.

• The lions that appear on each of the faces represent Hercules, the lion is the animal that the hero dominates in the first of his legends.

Around this fountain we can enjoy a wonderful garden.

As a curiosity, we want to point out that it has not always been called Plaza de los Luceros, it began its journey under the name of “Plaza de la Independencia”, in July 1934 it was baptized with the name of “Catalonia”, this name hardly lasted a few months, since in December of this year it was renamed “Plaza de la Independencia”. Already in 1936, it returned to its previous name “Plaza de Cataluña”. It was at the beginning of the 40s when it was finally baptized as “Plaza de los Luceros”. Although it is popularly known as “Plaça dels Cavalls”.

The Plaza de los Luceros is currently the epicenter of celebrations, parties and protests. In this emblematic square various celebrations take place such as the Cavalcade of the Magi, or the mascletás de Hogueras. In addition, it is where fans of the city’s football team, Hercules, go to celebrate their triumphs.


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