A commitment to the renewal of the traditional exhibition system, where scientific and research rigor coexist with a language available to all audiences.

Archaeological Museum of Alicante


MARQ is an archeology museum committed to renewing the traditional exhibition system, understood as a collection of properly classified and cataloged finds. MARQ is a project conceived and developed from the challenge of being the first archaeological museum of the 21st century.

The different thematic areas offer the visitor the opportunity to take an exciting walk through history. The Museum welcomes us immersing us in the geographical space of Alicante, showing us the rich landscape and monumental offerings of these lands. From there begins the historical tour through the permanent rooms of Prehistory, Ibera Culture, Roman Culture, Middle Ages – Modern and Contemporary Ages.

Marq Archaeological Museum of Alicante

In the MARQ, the different exhibition areas are linked by introductory thematic blocks that give chronological continuity to the contents, supported by interactive spaces that include detailed information on sites, description of archaeological pieces exhibited, ways of life of different cultures, etc.

Permanent Rooms

• PREHISTORY ROOM. The first evidences of human occupation in the territory of Alicante date back to the Middle Palaeolithic, about 100,000 years ago.

• ROOM OF ROMAN CULTURE. The exhibition dedicated to the Roman world in the province is divided into three blocks: 1.- Romanization 2.- Roman culture during the empire 3.- Christianity and the late Roman world

• IBEROS ROOM The answer … The route of the exhibition begins by locating the Iberian area chronologically and geographically.

• MIDDLE AGE ROOM. 8 centuries of coexistence …

• ROOM OF MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY CULTURE 4 centuries of change… The coexistence of different peoples, with different religions (Islam, Christianity and Judaism) and opposing socio-economic models, determines the eight centuries of our medieval past.

Thematic rooms

• EXCAVATING IN A CHURCH. Archeology allows us to know the societies of the past through their material remains …

• EXCAVATING UNDER WATER. Archeology studies the traffic of maritime trade …

• EXCAVING IN A CAVE. Archeology helps to better understand the human race …


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opening hours


• Martes a sábado de 11:00 a 20:30 h.
• Domingos y festivos de 10:00 a 14:00 h.


• Martes a viernes de 10:00 a 19:00 h.
• Sábados de 10:00 a 20:30 h.
• Domingos y festivos de 10:00 a 14:00 h.

exhibition schedule


• Martes a sábado.- 12:00 y 17:30 h.
• Domingos y festivos.- 12:00 h.



LÍNEAS.- 2-6-9-20 y 23


LÍNEAS.- 1, 3 y 4


parada MARQ


Teléfono.- +34 965 149 000

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