Palmeral Park

Located at the southern exit of Alicante and facing the sea, it is the ideal destination for an excursion to enjoy a day with family, with friends …

El Palmeral park is a great place to spend mornings or afternoons with children, as it has large areas to walk, run and play, among its abundant palm trees and paths. It has a lake and artificial rivers that can be crossed by its wooden bridges.

It is located on the road to Elche, in the Barrio de San Gabriel and facing the Mediterranean Sea. It stands out and differs from other well-known palm groves such as the Palmeral de Elche and the Palmeral de Orihuela due to its privileged location facing the sea.

In the Palmeral you can enjoy different play areas and activities that are organized to have fun in the company of the little ones; rowing boats, radio-controlled naval modeling with monitors on alternate Sundays, BMX track for bikes, swings, sports courts, board games such as Parcheesi, goose or chess, and petanque.


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