Saladar Beach

Its 5 km in length invite us to enjoy a pleasant walk along the sea. At its northern end we can see a string of dunes.


Five kilometers south of our municipal area is the Urbanova beach, located in an area of ​​wetlands of high environmental interest, which in previous times was a salt mine.

For this reason it is also called Playa del Saladar or Playa de los Saladares.

Its five kilometers in length invite us to enjoy a pleasant walk by the sea. At its northern end we can see a cordon of dunes that give it a more natural appearance. It also has signposted areas for the practice of nudism.

Finally, on its promenade, in front of the Urbanova urbanization, it has numerous shops and restaurants, and during the summer months a recreational-pedagogical area and an accessible point for the physically disabled are installed.


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► Característica
• Longitud.- 5 km.
• Situación.- SEMI-URBANA

► Servicios
• Alquiler de hamacas y sombrillas
• Acceso discapacitados
• Kioskos
• Zonas de parking
• Servicios de limpieza
• Áreas de juego y deporte
• Servicio de salvamento
• Lavapiés



N–332 dirección SANTA POLA.


LÍNEA.- 27


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