Beer & Spa, the benefits of beer

Beer & Spa

Have you ever imagined bathing in beer? Well, you are in luck, because now it can become a reality in Alicante. Beer is not only a refreshing drink, to drink when you go out with your friends. Beer is much more than that, providing benefits especially for your skin and hair. In a beer spa […]

Healthy Cocktail, healthy flavors

Healthy Cocktail

Every day more people take care of their diet, practice sports and have healthy habits, this healthy philosophy has also reached gastronomy and every day there are more gastronomic offers focused on healthy people or around super foods, the cocktail bar could not stay back and every day there are more bartenders who work a […]

Paloma, with Mexican roots


Based on a classic Mexican cocktail, and from border areas like New Mexico or Texas. A popular tam cocktail that is even sold “in cans.” Being originally a tequila-based cocktail, our friends have reverted it, adapting it to the flavors of our land, the Mediterranean … Where the fresh flavor of ginger and citrus predominates. […]