Mount Benacantil Alicante

Mount Benacantil is undoubtedly one of the most important and emblematic green areas of the city of Alicante, a perfect space to enjoy nature in the middle of the city and one of the six areas included in the Metropolitan Forests for the 21st Century plan of the Generalitat Valenciana. At its top is the […]

La Ereta park

Parque de la Ereta

Take in some of the most spectacular views of Alicante. Only surpassed by the views that, a few meters above, are dominated from the Castle of Santa Bárbara. It is a modern park whose construction has taken into account environmental aspects and the symbiosis of what is built with the environment, it has native vegetation […]

Palmeral Park

Palmeral Bike Vivir Alicante

El Palmeral park is a great place to spend mornings or afternoons with children, as it has large areas to walk, run and play, among its abundant palm trees and paths. It has a lake and artificial rivers that can be crossed by its wooden bridges. It is located on the road to Elche, in […]

Los Luceros square

Reference of the city, all those who pass stop to observe it, in the center of this square is the fountain of the stars. The architect of the emblematic fountain is Daniel Bañuls, a renowned sculptor from Alicante. This artistic monument is inspired by nature, and to get to know it a little better we […]