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Children's PaintBall Alicante

Max. People.- 20
Language.- English
Duration.- 60 minutes
Season.- All year
Schedule.- Every day from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Meeting point.- C/ Sagitario, 7 • 03006 ALICANTE



PaintBall Infantil Alicante, a space designed to discharge energy.

The PAINTBALL for children is a variant of the traditional PaintBall, adapted to the smallest of the family in order to offer an activity where both safety and fun prevail.

PaintBall Infantil Alicante, we invite you to enjoy a different experience with your group of friends.

You can celebrate your birthday in one of the best leisure centers in Alicante, equipped with fields next-generation paintball machines, specially designed to enjoy.

They offer us different spaces for different activities:

• A large warehouse where different thematic scenarios are presented to us, where you can feel the adrenaline and experience strong sensations.

• When you need a break you can relax in their rest area, where you can celebrate your birthday.

You are ready?

PaintBall Infantil Alicante, get started, equip yourself with your suit, vest, mask, shotgun and get ready to enter the game, a map inspired by “CALL OF DUTY” awaits you, with secret passageways, catwalks, frac towers …

 PaintBall Infantil Alicante
PaintBall Children Alicante

Your missions? Search and destroy, team duel, capture the flag, votes, zone defense …

Everything is designed for the safety of children, from the power of the paint marker to the stage map.

PaintBall Children Alicante the best fun decision to celebrate your day!

Check our rates and promotional packs, or request additional information in our email reservations @viviralicant e.com . Surely we can help you organize any event or activity you can imagine.

Activity for children over 8 years old


The price includes.-

• Paintball marker
• Mask
• Vest
• Suit
• Neck protection


PaintBall Children Alicante

1.- Entrance and track marked with intersocial distance.

2.- Material disinfected in ozone cabin.

Each player will receive their sealed material individually. The material is disinfected thanks to our Ozone disinfection cabin that guarantees material free of viruses and bacteria.

3.- The time between games is delayed to be able to disinfect the playing courts and common areas.


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