Circo Burguer Centro

Si hablamos de hamburguesas seguramente hablemos de ellos.

¡Ladies and Gentlemen con todos ustedes “el Circo”!

Welcome, have a seat ...

CIRCO Burguer, a new space that all lovers of good hamburgers in Alicante needed. Circo is the “almost” perfect combination of signature burgers, salads as tasty as they are healthy and refreshing gastronomic cocktails. Without leaving aside its starters and desserts.

Circo was born out of the desire to offer a gastronomy experience that will let you play with your palate. They have done great work that has led them to investigate which are the best products to offer us in their menu a bet on the explosion of colors and flavors. Bitter, green, citrus, yellow, sweet, brown, salty, white, spicy, red … they all come into play.

Circo Burguer

As soon as you open the door you realize that visually, they have taken care of even the smallest detail of the place and when they start to fill the table with the command you see how that affection moves to their plates. The quality of the meat of their burgers is the most, but the surprising freshness of their salads is not far behind and if we are already talking about their gastronomic cocktails what to say …

What would you like to eat today?


• Nachos Circo
• Alitas sweet-chili
• Bravas CIRCO
• Aros de Cebolla
• Guacamole fresco
• Fingers de pollo
• Chupa Chups de Pollo
• Ahumado
• Chips de Boniato Rojo


• La Bonita
• Campo de Fiori
• Amores pollos
• Niño mimado


Circo • Centro

Calle del Teatro, 8 • 03001 ALICANTE


Lunes  a  domingo

de 13:00 a 16:00 h. y de 20:00 a 0:00 h.


Teléfono.- +34 681 124 179

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