Palapa Beach

Sabores de Japón y Tailandia, en la Playa San Juan

Welcome, have a seat ...

Japanese • Asian

Flavors of Japan and Thailand, at Playa San Juan.

We present you a restaurant that has been on the San Juan Beach “La Palapa Beach”, located on the Costa Blanca avenue.

If you walk along the Costa Blanca avenue, you will surely be struck by a new space dedicated to gastronomy, large lamps, hanging fish on the bar, majestic Buddhas, lots of vegetation, huge armchairs to sit on …

The food, with roots deeply rooted in distant Asian lands, will not leave you indifferent either. Its menu offers you a wide variety of dishes, it will be difficult to choose, but we can assure you that they are all exquisite, playing in each of the proposals with the textures and especially with the flavors.

Exotic asian food

What would you like to eat today?

Rollitos Vietnamitas

Rollitos de Verduras

Rollitos de Gambas estilo Tailandés

Rollitos de Pollo al vapor al estilo Tailandés

Tiras de Pollo frito


Costillas asadas picantes con miel

Paté de Gambas fritas estilo Tailandés

Ternera crujiente picante estilo Tailandés

Langostinos fritos

Anillo de Calamar frito

Pastel de pescado estilo Tailandés

Algas de mar fritas

Mejillón con ajo y vino blanco

Combinación mixto de fritos


Palapa Beach

Avenida de la Costa Blanca, 140 • 03540 ALICANTE


Comida de 12:00 a 16:30 h.

• Cena de19:30 a 0:00 h.


Teléfono.- +34 965 296 655

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